Chelsea to Give Hard Punishments to Fans After Escaping FA Sanctions Over Anti-Semitic Chant

Chelsea have threatened their fans with long-term bans after escaping punishment from the Football Association over alleged Antisemitism, according to the Evening Standard.

The club has earned a bad reputation over recent years due to a small section of their fan base, but their new song for star striker Álvaro Morata, which is understood to be anti-Semitic, was sung by the majority of their 3,000 fans at the King Power Stadium on Saturday.

The Spanish striker has spoken out against the song. Taking to Twitter to ask fans to stop singing his new song, he said: “Since I arrived, I have been able to feel your support every single day, you are amazing and I’d like to ask you to please respect everyone!”

Chelsea are currently working with the FA and Leicester City to obtain CCTV footage from Saturday in an attempt to identify the people who sang Morata’s chant. The club have also said that they will issue lifetime bans to anyone caught repeating the chant.

We made an initial statement after the game the other night,” said Chelsea’s Head of Communications, Steve Atkins. “I’m happy to repeat, but also make clear: Chelsea Football Club finds all forms of discrimination abhorrent and the language that was used in that song the other night we find totally unacceptable.

Leicester City v Chelsea - Premier League

“People that use this kind of language against others always try to argue a grey area. There is no grey area. That language used was anti-Semitic.

“We have a zero tolerance policy towards it. If there is evidence that season ticket holders or members took part in that, and take part in it in the future, then we will take the strongest possible action against them, which includes bans.”

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The chant has widely been condemmed by a large portion of the Chelsea fanbase, however, some are questioning if allegations of anti-Semitism are correct due to the continued use of similar languague in other Premier League stadiums. 


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