After Terry, Cole scandal

Not if the players of the Chelsea pass to it well.

After the Terry case an other Blues in fact is ended to the center of the reports rose for some extramarital relations.

Draft just of the defender Ashley Cole, currently to the box for accident, that it would have passed two nights roventi with a secretary. The Sun’ reports second tabloid `which the player “would have stopped itself” with this woman, that he has preferred to remain anonymous, during the withdrawal with the square.

“Ashley has prayed to me to catch up it in its hotel in order to make sex – the lover has explained – but to catch up its room has been a species of military operation. In both the occasions, then, me have been asked to carry in rooms a wine bottle rosé, because to Ashley it would not be allowed of drink before the games. It lived in the terror of uncovered being from the wife and the Chelsea, but he could not make less than to take of the pazzeschi risks. Evidently for he this made part of the game”.

If the news came confirmed it would deal of the third tradimento of Cole regarding the Cheryl wife. In the 2008, in fact, parrucchiera Aimee Walton it revealed of to have made sex with the player when both were get drunk. Recently, instead, the stripper Sonia Wild has confessed to have received photo of Cole knot on the cellular one.

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