Ancelotti to Mourinho: Let’s drink together

The blow and answer are begun the past year when Mourinho seated on the park bench of the Inter and Ancelotti on that of the Milan. A derby of parkes bench, than but continues at a distance also, with thousand pnzecchiature, struck some and sometimes also shot with an arrow some.

Al Mourinho that some days before had said to the weekly magazine “Sport”: “The only difference today to the Chelsea is that not there is more Mourinho. But this time has chosen good. Carl Ancelotti is a technician with the just mentality in order to guide the Chelsea in Europe, and is sure that the Prime Minister will win”. Ancelotti has answered quickly, laughing.

“I have not never said that it is friendly mine, because never drunk or I have not had supper with he, because if it is drunk entirety then to the third glass jumps outside the truth. It is not a problem, to the return of Champions, Stamford Bridge, could be the just occasion, second fine the English custom of the bottle to contest”.

A real invitation in perfect style. What wants to drink a toast to the qualification of “the their” Chelsea?

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