Inter-Chelsea 2-1

The Inter strikes 2 to 1 the Chelsea thanks to a great game of all its interpreters in every zone of the field. Al advantage begins them of Supports has answered Kalou to the 50 ‘, four minuteren after the large one goal left of Cambiasso, that it has sanctioned the Victoria nerazzurra. Decisive Lucio on the English advances, thus like all the companions of unit. The result is ribaltabile, but the Inter this evening has demonstrated once again to heart and tenacity that in all probability will export also to Stamford Bridge.

In field – Mourinho scale against the Chelsea the heavy artillery schierando 11 of quality with all arrows on hand. The two finish them offensives are supported Milito and Eto’o from Wesley Sneijder, while Julio Cesar is regularly in field. Ancelotti lines up a tree of been born them that it more has in a Drogba in shocking form the advanced tip. Alle its shoulders Kalou and Anelka, schierato Malouda terzino.

Atmosphere from brividi is played – to Saint Siro, Inter that strikes the kickoff. After two minuteren the brividi they run also along the back of the tifosi nerazzurri, cause instantaneous happiness. It is 3 ‘ when I support avoids the participation of Terry in area, depositing to the incolpevole shoulders of a Cech for one to zero interista. Cultured Chelsea of surprise but that it leaves again quickly with the extraordinary speed of Kalou, marked to must from Lucio. The men of Ancelotti go before near the balancing with a shooting terrifying of Drogba on punishment that is printed on the crosspiece, and after some minute with a shooting of Ballack which had from the defense nerazzurra, on which Julio Cesar is however most careful. Beautiful left played on the highest rhythms: English try the way of the goal with the shooting from the distance, while the nerazzurri they carry out long launch in order to take advantage of the speed of Milito and Eto’o. Own this last cicca football in front of Cech, on a cross wonderful from the left of Sneijder. Sul to end of Samuel time pulls down Kalou in rigor area enough clearly, but for Mejuto Gonzalez not there are the ends for the rigor, perhaps tricked from the exaggerated flight of the ivoriano.

Resumption that is opened without changes, but with the Chelsea yearning to catch up the nerazzurri, succeeding us punctually in the 50 ‘. Ivanovic behind makes thirty meters ball to the foot serving to the Kalou, the ivoriano from the distance public square to the left of Julio Cesar that does not succeed to say not, seppur touching the sphere. For little minuteren the Inter seems to endure the blow, but Cambiasso thinks to give to the charge to square and tifosi to us. Large shooting of against leap of the Argentine rejected from an English defender, the centrocampista still hits with power making to leave a imparabile diagonal for Cech. Collected nearly instantaneous of the men of Mourinho who return in advantage. It is forced to exit Cech for a probably enough serious problem, to its Hilario place, in the Inter in field Balotelli and Pandev, while one of the absolute protagonists on the game rectangle is always Julio Cesar: the Brazilian porter saves the result on a shooting drawn near of Lampard. Second half of according to time in breathlessness for the Inter, with the fresher Chelsea that continues to press to the search of the balancing while the nerazzurri they more do not succeed to sting although the three tips. The result of 2 to 1 end is ribaltabile to the return for English, but the first step nerazzurro has been completed.

The key – grinta of Lucio and the centrocampo nerazzurro they are the benzine in the heart of the machine of Mourinho. The Chelsea for its part chooses the solution from outside area, finding in Julio Cesar the usual wall.

Chicca – To every dismissal or parade of Julio Cesar the television cameras indugiano on the face of the Brazilian porter, pointing out the bruises under the eyes. The Sunday incident has not been fortunately serious, but the physical signs, while are seen the game disputed from nerazzurro those psychological ones not. In any case auguries of full recovery.

Top&Flop РIn the Inter on all skillful Lucio to block any English being left over and I support that it practically never does not lose the football. The Chelsea alive thanks to the speed of Kalou and the fisicità of Drogba, while Lampard is the centrocampista of Ancelotti that is blinked mainly. Motta and Obi enough imprecisi and outside from the game.

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