Chelsea 2:4 Man. City

The Prime Minister League remains exciting! In a moved play between the FC Chelsea London and Manchester town center had to resign themselves „the Blues “to a 2:4 – a defeat. Lampard, Bellamy and Tévez met doubly in each case. Juliano Belletti and Michael Ballack had to go showering with a place reference promptly, besides John Terry and Wayne Bridge met one another. FC Chelsea London against Manchester town center, then read the alleged Top duel to 28. Play day in of England highest play class – rather meeting one another between the two former team colleagues John Terry and Wayne Bridge was nevertheless actually located in the focus of the public. And in such a way already the eyes of the spectators were directed toward these two protagonists before the impact, which were in the respective starting formation of their crew. Bridge had refused, as before already expects, the handshake to its contractor. Besides ex-Chelsea-player became Bridge with each ball contact of the Londoner supporters expenditure-whistled. Thus not enough, which chanted fans „of the Blues “: „There is only John Terry “. Undecided to the break In the first half time however also football was played. In the 42. Minute fell the earned guidance hit for the hosts, after Joe Cole brought its team colleague franc Lampard shining in firing position. Wayne Bridge and Manchester town center found however later the suitable answer already 180 to seconds. Bridge, which became to expenditure-whistle from the opposing fans merciless, introduced the 1:1 with its collecting main – balance hits by Carlo Tévez. Bellamy turns on… After a strong final spurt in the first 45 minutes both crews returned also with a high speed from the cab. Craig Bellamy completes already in the 51. Minute a strong counter the guests and brought his club with 2:1 in front. … Belletti and Ballack fly! Chelsea reacted to Anelkas header (60.) with furious attacks, but neither still Drogbas shot from short distance (68.) found the way in the opposing gate. The heads of the household wanted to force reconciliation and afforded in the 76. Minute in person of Juliano Belletti a follow-heavy error, because the Chelsea participants had to leave the place after a Foul with the red map and Manchester town center got an eleven-meter awarded. Carlo Tévez kept the nerves and increased to 3: 1. Chelsea loses with 2:4 A reaction of the Londoner was missing after the third Gegentreffer, instead a further participant up sides „of the Blues had to leave “the place: Michael Ballack saw in the 81. Minute its second yellow map and was allowed to go showering and to Craig Bellamy increased six minutes later to 4: 1. However a player of the heads of the household set the point of conclusion in a moved final stage: Franc Lampard shortened, quasi with the conclusion conclusion from the point of eleven-meter, about 2: 4.

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