Chelsea 4-1 West Ham UTD

The Chelsea wins, but it still does not convince to full load. The square of Ancelotti has need of a time of rodaggio in order to strike the West Ham di Gianfranco Zola and to resume the summit waiting for I postpone of the United.

After goal in opening of Alex and the par of former Parker, us the better Drogba wants in order to give to the Blues the three points. In the middle of the doppietta of the ivoriano, there is space also for Malouda.

The afternoon does not give many satisfactions to the Aston Villa, than pareggia without to mark on the difficult field of the Stoke City. In key salvation, instead, fundamental victories for Bolton (4-0 in house on the Wigan) and Wolves (in transfer on the field of the Burnley). Birmingham and Everton esibisono in a par-show to St. Andrews.

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