Terry runs over a fan and flees

Captain Blue continues rising controversial in its race.

It has been a terrible year and it continues getting worse as you advance the days. John Terry, captain of the Chelsea, that lately has been `pillado’ while made money to secretly teach Stamford Bridge, that has seen like its father was stopped by drug possession and that been has surrounded in affair sexual with the woman of an ex- companion (Wayne Bridge), has become to surpass after running over a fan.

The London power station carried out a new incident when coming out of Stamford Bridge after to be eliminated the Chelsea in eighth of end of Champions League. Terry left to the steering wheel of its own vehicle, accompanied by its wife and after crowding several fans to his around, the player accelerated the car without doubting it and, in addition, he as quickly as possible escaped in spite of to have taken ahead to one of his fans.

According to the English sources, Terry did not pause after the upsetting, left in the ground the London fan and it did not help him of any way, which can bring serious problems to him with justice. The fan, without serious wounds, is outside all danger.

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