Cole staying

After several weeks of rumors and “mystery” around the future of mediapunta, the Blue organization has confirmed, through attending technician Ray Wilkins, whom it tries to renew his contract that expires the 30 of June. Cole has several important supplies on the table. What will decide?

The disease in London around the situation of Joe Cole grows, a very important player that, nevertheless, there is lost protagonism during the last times in the Chelsea from the arrival of Car it Ancelotti. Knowing that mediapunta finishes contract in July of this year, several clubs have drilled to him. But still it lacked to know if the club of Stamford Bridge would move or card not to retain to him.

And already there is official answer on the matter. Ray Wilkins, attending trainer of Ancelotti, confirmed to BBC Radio 5 Live that the Chelsea tries “that Joe Cole remains”.

“We have been, obvious, in diñalogo with him during months and now it is very evident that Car it and I want that Joe remains. But now it will be necessary to see what is what the club can do on the matter”, slid Wilkins, remembering that Joe could decide to leave like free agent and to accept some of the important supplies that it has on the table. The club that fiche would not have to pay crossing to him by him. And between the interested ones they are Manchester United, Liverpool, Arsenal and Tottenham, nothing less.

“We wished, sincerely, that Joe remains with us. He is a charming boy, a great soccer player, and we will cross the fingers hoping that everything comes out well”, pointed Wilkins.

In the last weeks he had myself been speculating whereupon the Chelsea would not move card to remain with Cole, but it would look for another player of his characteristics in the market, like the Israeli of the Liverpool, Yossi Benayoun.

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