Oscar completed his first Chelsea training session at Cobham on Friday, before sitting down for an introductory interview with the official website.

The 20-year-old is the latest arrival to the squad following his transfer from Internacional in his homeland, where his form earned him Brazilian caps and a call-up to the Olympic Games this summer.

A creative midfielder, Roberto Di Matteo has already intimated that Oscar could figure in this weekend’s Barclays Premier League opener at Wigan Athletic.

Oscar, welcome to Chelsea, what are your first impressions?

I’m very happy to be here. It’s a dream to be at a club like this, a club that is renowned around the world. I’ve never seen a club with such facilities, facilities so perfect to allow you to play at your best.

Does having Ramires and David Luiz here help you?

I know them well from the national team. It’s very fortunate for me that they are at the club because it will really help me with my development in England and my adaptation to the country and also the football.

What type of a player should we expect?

In Brazil there is a different type of football, but I think I am seen as an elegant type of ball player, who is creating for another people. I may need to change a little bit over here, but I see myself as that sort of a player who can hopefully make a difference to the team.

We have signed some similar, exciting young players this summer…

It is not just these players that are exciting to me. There are many top players at Chelsea, ones that I have always seen on the television and that is what attracted me to the club. This is the vehicle that can help me improve my career, and I would love to contribute in a small way to improve Chelsea even further.

Oscar - Chelsea

Your name is already well known here. Do you feel pressure with that?

I hope I won’t feel an pressure, I am not feeling it at the moment. Back in Brazil when I broke into the national team, people were asking the same question, did I feel pressure at being the number 10 of the team, the new star, but I didn’t feel pressure. I think it will be similar here, I am coming into a great team but I feel I can cope with it.

Here you are taking the number 11 jersey from Didier Drogba. That’s quite a big pair of shoes to fill…

I understand the importance of this number to Chelsea. In Brazil it is the number 10, but here the 11 is a very important number and I just hope that I can do it justice.

After your experiences in the Olympics, what do you think of the English stadiums and crowds?

The stadiums I have played in so far have been outstanding. Newcastle, Manchester United, both these were fantastic, and I can’t wait for another great stadium at Stamford Bridge, where I expect the atmosphere to be even better.

How well do you know the Premier League?

I know quite a lot about it, it is televised in Brazil and so I have seen lots of games.

Roberto Di Matteo says it is possible you could feature on Sunday against Wigan…

I am really happy that the manager is already thinking of me and putting me in his plans. I feel I could do well if I am called upon on Sunday because I have been playing regular games and am in a good rhythm. I am ready to go.

Do you feel it could take time to adapt a little on the pitch?

I am hoping it will not take too long to adapt. There is a multinational team here with other Brazilians and Latin players, not just an English team or league, so they will help me through their past experiences and so I hope it won’t be too much of a problem.

And you have already started English lessons?

Yes. I am very keen to do English and learn as soon as possible. I cannot just rely on people speaking to me in Portuguese. It is important on the pitch but also off the pitch so that I can live my life in England.

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