On the day his departure from Chelsea was announced, Didier Drogba promised he would pay us a visit in the future. He did so at Cobham on Tuesday, arriving as training was ending and welcoming his old team-mates as they returned to the main building.

After catching up with coaches and staff as well, the Shanghai Shenhua striker spoke to the official Chelsea website…

Didier, you didn’t wait too long to visit.
Not so long – it is a break in the season in China now and also there is international duty, so I am here to see my family – and my friends here as well.

So your family has not moved to China?
No my family is here, my children.

How is the China experience?
It is good, it is a new experience and the first month has been reaching out in terms of learning new things, learning a new culture. It is very different to what I am used to in Europe, I like it.

Chelsea’s summer tour of 2011 was the first time in your life you had been to Asia, and now you are living and working there.
I was thinking about this – and it is what helped me in my decision because of what we have been doing in pre-season over there. I could see a little bit how the people are and it is nice.

Was the greeting you had in China as enthusiastic as the one you had in Thailand with Chelsea?
People may have seen the video of my arrival and the fans were really great. In the stadiums it is the same as everywhere – when you play football there is the passion.

How is Nicolas Anelka?
Nico is good. He is happy that I signed there and I am also happy that he is there to help me. Last week he gave me two assists so it is back to what we were doing here before.

Finally, how many times have you watched the Munich game again?
Not the game but I have watched the penalty many times!

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