In the wake of Oscar’s eye-catching performance against Juventus, David Luiz has spoken about the role he has played in helping his compatriot settle in at Stamford Bridge.

Luiz enjoyed four years at Benfica before moving to Chelsea in January 2011, meaning by the time he joined the Blues the defender had at least acclimatised to a different continent, if not a different language and culture. Oscar has had no such bedding in process having signed straight from Internacional in Brazil and Luiz has been quick to help the young midfielder.

‘I take him every day to my house because he has no family over here,’ Luiz explained.

‘I know how hard it is when you don’t speak the language. If you go to a restaurant for example and you don’t know what food you’re ordering it’s difficult.’

‘I try to show Oscar and help Chelsea too.’

Chelsea’s summer signings continued a transfer policy that has recently seen many young players join the club and Luiz believes that this freshness will only serve the team well in years to come.

‘Chelsea have many players for the future.’

‘We play together day-by-day, working together to continue the great football Chelsea have shown the whole world.’

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