Six goals from six different scorers, and much-needed minutes for youngsters on the fringe made it a very successful evening indeed for the Blues.

Three goals in the opening 16 minutes and three more in the second half made it as comfortable a night as could be at Stamford Bridge, and assistant coach Eddie Newton was delighted with the side’s output, going on to discuss the inclusion of John Terry and the fitness of the captain.

On tonight’s performance

‘If you show complacency and disrespect to the opposition you pay the price. We focused on the game, dealt with the matters at hand and we got a very good result and performance.’

On three players, Cesar Azpilicueta, Victor Moses and Lucas Piazon making their first starts

‘They did well, and w eknew they would. They’re good players and we see them do it in training all the time. Lucas has been fantastic through the youth system and adapted very quickly in training, making a very good account of himself. He deserved it today and I hope he gets plaudits for his performance because he deserved it, as did Victor Moses and Azpilicueta.’

On Terry

‘We were talking with John to see what his mindset is and he’s been very positive and wanted to play and do what he usually does for the team so there was no problem with the selection.

‘Knowing John, he’s a positive person and loves the club. He’s very enthusiastic about playing, just as he was as a young man. He has been fine and dealing with the situation, coming in and doing what he has to do. He’s been very positive and upbeat so it wasn’t a problem with the selection process.

‘He’s played a lot of games and has enough training under his belt. He is a senior player and knows how to look after his body, so was fine to play in this game.

‘We wanted John to start, but with what was happening we had to see how it panned out. We had a phone call and he was making his way back from the FA nice and early so it was easy. We covered all the scenarios and the best one in our minds happened.’

On Terry’s match preparationand the possibility of him facing Arsenal

‘It’s not difficult. We prepare as we always do and it’s just a matter of making sure we cover all our bases as we did for today. Then however the scenario pans out we are able to deal with it.

‘The fact of the matter is he has a lot of minutes under his belt already. It’s very positive that he played another 90 today, and there are ways and means around it. We are in constant contact with ‘John and will deal with the situation, the medical team, the fitness coaches, technical staff, making sure we can get around John and that he is prepared in the best way possible, as we always do.

‘On Fernando Torres, who scored his first goal in a month

‘Fernando is positive. We talk to all our players and he is very positive. He is feeling a lot sharper, the goals will come. We all believe that. You can’t expect a sudden flood of goals, we want consistency over the season and we feel he will get that.’

On the fitness of Daniel Sturridge (hamstring) and Frank Lampard (ankle) ahead of Arsenal.

‘We’re 50/50 with Sturridge and will still be checking on Lamps as well.’

Wolves manager Stole Solbakken refused to criticise his side, instead taking the burden of blame on his own shoulders after making 10 changes to his team.

‘We had thought about this and it was always a risk that something like this could happen. We conceded a soft set-piece goal and then came another, and that made it hard for us. There was nobody else to blame but me, and it was a calculated risk I would take again because we have had three games in six days. We have had a very hard week. The beginning of the game destroyed some of the learning process because it was a long 80 minutes to play.’

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