Petr Cech hosted our first ever Google+ Hangout on Thursday afternoon, joining Chelsea TV’s Lee Parker and five fans from around the world in a live YouTube chat.

Chelsea supporters from America, Austria, England, Ghana and Sweden were hand-picked to speak with the Chelsea goalkeeper via webcam link, and asked questions on a range of topics.

During the session, which can be viewed below, Cech discussed his head injury and the hearing problems that come with wearing a helmet, Champions League success and communication problems in a multinational team.

‘I speak English, learned German at school, speak French as I played there, Spanish I learned myself, I played with Portuguese players and know a lot of words so that isn’t a problem, so I can kind of speak with everybody which gives me a huge help on the pitch,’ he explained.

‘The only problem I have is when I go to play for the national team, because for the whole time I am shouting instructions in English and then I have to do it in Czech!’

The 30-year-old was also asked what he would like to do when he finally retires from the game, and if he knows when that time will be.

‘As long as I will be able to play, and people want me to play, I will play,’ Cech said. ‘One day if I come to the training ground and feel I don’t want to play, I will stop, but I am fuelled by football, and it brings me joy.

‘I’ve been a professional since I was 17, always travelling, travelling, travelling. As a manager you have more travelling, I don’t know whether I will want to continue with that structured life when you can’t really plan ahead because your schedule depends on the next game. There is nothing in your life you can plan, so I might take a break, but let’s see what is going to happen.’

Chelsea has more than two million supporters already on Google+, added to the 1.4 million on Twitter and 12 million on Facebook. You can join them now for more exclusive content, news and competitions.

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