Paulo Ferreira rates Frank Lampard as the best professional he has ever trained alongside, but admits it was Diego Maradona he tried to emulate as a child.

The Portuguese defender was the latest Chelsea man to answer fans’ questions via Twitter, and spent time responding to queries about his career, team-mates and the feeling of winning the Champions League – twice.

Ferreira is the last remaining member of the Porto contingent that joined Chelsea after their European triumph in 2004, and rates his success with the Blues in May as highly as he does that first triumph.

‘It is wonderful. You see how many players and top players finish their careers without winning this competition, I am really pleased to have two Champions Leagues,’ he said. ‘It is something unbelievable, and I think I am one of 16 Portuguese players who has this.

‘It’s a wonderful competition, and one every player dreams to win. It’s a wonderful feeling and you could see how everyone celebrated [in Munich]. Amazing.’

Ferreira also cites our Premier League win in 2005 as a high point in his eight-year Stamford Bridge stay, and he admits he would love to be here longer in some capacity, either as a player or coach.

‘The Champions League was the best one of course, the best competition, but I also have to say my first title here, after 50 years that Chelsea was not winning it, was wonderful,’ he said.

‘I believe in my qualities and abilities, that I can be useful to the club, and that’s why I stayed. I think I showed to everyone that even though I am not playing much, I can give my best and be capable of playing in the team.

‘[When I retire] I will try to be involved in football. It’s what I can do! I’ve been playing for many years and I will try to be involved, I don’t know what, coaching maybe, I have no idea.’

Asked which player was his favourite as a youngster, the 33-year-old responded immediately: ‘I loved to be Maradona. He was the one I loved to watch and is a legend’, before deciding which player was the best he had trained alongside.

‘Everyone here is really professional but I will have to say Lamps is the one who works really hard, and the way he plays is the way he trains,’ he said.

You will be able to see a video featuring Ferreira’s full Q&A a little later on the club’s official Twitter page.


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