David Luiz says we must quickly recover from our Champions League disappointment if we are to return to the competition next season.

The defender opened the scoring with a well-placed penalty last night as we dismantled Nordsjaelland in style, eventually thumping in six goals for the first time in a Champions League fixture. It proved fruitless though, as Shakhtar’s defeat to Juventus in Donetsk saw us eliminated despite accumulating a respectable 10 points.

‘We are disappointed, big clubs should be playing in big games. We won the Champions League last season, this time we are out of the group and it is a little bit sad,’ said the defender.

‘It’s not a shock, we are fighting with big clubs and the Champions League is not a small competition. Man City came out as well, this is the best [competition] in the world, so you know you need to work hard in every game to qualify.

‘The key game was at home to Juventus. We were 2-0 up and conceded two goals, it was a bad game and it killed us in the group.

‘It is sad but football is quick and in two days we have another match against Sunderland, so we need to be ready for the next games, not spend three or four days crying. Saturday is a difficult game and we need to win.

‘Chelsea need to play in the Champions League every year and we have this in our heads.’

The Brazilian is one of life’s optimists, and sees an opportunity in the Europa League to salvage pride from our European campaign.

‘The Europa League is glamorous for me because I don’t have this title, so I want to win it.I look now to that, and want to win it,’ he said.

‘Playing Thursdays and Sundays is okay. I prefer playing games than training, so if you had games every day I’d prefer it. Of course sometimes we might be a little tired but you have to rest when you have time, eat well and so in the games you can run for 90 minutes at the right level.’

I the shorter term, there are still improvements to be made under Rafael Benitez, but David Luiz believes the signs were good on Wednesday evening.

‘It was a great game from all the players with intensity quality and we scored more goals, so this is good for the future.

‘We have a new coach and philosophy and the quicker we get used to it the better for the team.’


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