Oriol Romeu has been discussing his influences as an emerging talent, after sitting down to answer fans’ questions via Twitter.

The midfielder was the latest Chelsea man to answer fans’ questions via Twitter, and also spent time responding to queries about training, team-mates and how he is enjoying his time here.

Romeu joined Chelsea last summer from Barcelona, and is one of four Spaniards at the club, something he says ‘is great, it’s really good. They are big players but they are great people too, with a lot of experience and can help when you need things. They are all really professional.’

Comparing the training at Chelsea to his former club, he said: ‘The training is more-or-less, similar, but maybe the training here is a bit stronger and quicker, which reflects on the English style of play. There is less time exercising, but training is quicker – so there is a difference.’

Romeu then spoke about his achievements here so far, and said ‘winning the Premier League would be a great achievement, but it’s not going to be easy. There are very good teams competing, and we have to do very well to get it, but we will try… we’ll do our best and hopefully we’ll get it.’

Expanding further on his ambitions and why he enjoys being at Chelsea, he added: ‘I like playing for a big club, one that is fighting for everything – you have to win every game, every title, you have to fight for it which is one of the key reasons I like it here so much. All of us are here because we want to win.’

Asked which player was his favourite as a youngster, the 21-year-old responded: ‘When I was younger, Ronaldo was in Barcelona as a striker and I was playing as a striker then too. I always looked up at Ronaldo – he was my inspiration.

Keen to learn from his current team-mates, Romeu then responded to a question about playing and training alongside the likes of Cole, Cech, Lamps and Terry, saying: ‘It’s great – they have always done great things for this club. Their careers have been amazing here, and you have to learn from them, you have to see what they do and look up to them.

‘I like to look up to the players that can play in the same position as me, there are plenty of great midfield players and you can learn lots from them.’


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