Just like the club, Petr Cech regularly uses Facebook to give an insight behind the scenes, and on Tuesday he used the platform to answer fans’ questions.

Having only launched earlier this season, Cech has now reached 100,000 likes to his page, and so thought it time to respond to some of his followers.

Having recently returned from Prague, a place which is of course very familiar to Cech, he told fans: ‘I’m very happy we won the game, it puts us in a great position ahead of the second leg at Stamford Bridge this week. We want to win the competition, and you need to take it step-by-step.’

Not only is he familiar with the city; but he also regularly plays in the Generali Staduim for his country.

Representing Chelsea this time however, he had to use the away dressing room and warm up at the other end, which he cited as ‘a special moment for me – playing against the team for whom I used to play, but I was so glad that we won, and that I kept a clean sheet. Half of the Sparta Prague team are my friends, so I didn’t want any comments from them after the game!’

Growing up, Cech played as a winger and scored many goals in his youth career, and has some fond memories of scoring and celebrating his goals.

‘I remember it well, when I was 12 years old, I once scored eight goals in one game!’ he recalled. ‘It was fantastic, we scored every time we had a chance in that game, we played well and we were ruthless!’

Asked if it’s hard to be a goalkeeper, he explained: ‘It’s hard, but it’s enjoyable. It’s like any job – you do well if you enjoy what you’re doing. Of course, I get the most satisfaction when I have a good game, keep a clean sheet and the team wins.’

Always keen to learn new things, especially from his peers he added: ‘I watch all the games, I look at how others are playing and I try to pick things out to apply to my game.’

Having been at Chelsea since 2004, Cech made his arrival at the same time as Paulo Ferreira and they soon became good friends.

‘As new players here together, we tried to help each other out,’ he revealed. ‘In fact, we really bonded over coffee! After each meal, we’d enjoy a chat over a cup of coffee together. Hilario too has joined our little group now!’

You can like Petr Cech’s page here and the Facebook session will be available to view shortly through the official Chelsea page.

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