Ramires is hoping a strong showing in Brazilian yellow at Stamford Bridge will bring him a step closer to representing his country in a home World Cup.

The midfielder signed for us in 2010 after representing his country four times in South Africa in 2010, but with Brazil 2014 now just over a year away, Ramires is desperate to impress new national team coach Luiz Felipe Scolari when they take on Russia next week.

‘Brazil coming to play in London is exciting but they have never played here in our home at Stamford Bridge so I am really looking forward to this moment,’ said Ramires, who celebrates his 26th birthday the day before the game.

‘We haven’t spoken yet with the other players about it, but when we meet up and play against Italy in Geneva, we will talk about Stamford Bridge and tell them what there is to know.

‘I love that Stamford Bridge pitch. It’s where all the important things happen for what we are here to do. Because it is our home and we know the supporters I hope David Luiz, Oscar and I can help the team even more, we know our way around, we know the surroundings and I hope it can be a great game. And that Brazil wins.’

Despite an impressive World Cup three years ago, Ramires found himself left out of the squad for 12 months by previous coach Mano Menezes, but his club form has seen him recalled and he has featured heavily since the beginning of this season. It is perfect timing for Brazil 2014.

‘I’m working very hard towards this,’ he explained. ‘It is my aim, my goal, to be involved in a World Cup at home in Brazil. Not just to take part, but to win it. It is a great responsibility to be playing at home.

‘Brazil is a huge country with a great squad, and if we win this World Cup at home we will be heroes forever. But if we lose, I don’t even know what will happen. It’s a great responsibility. There is always pressure and expectation, but hopefully we will do well and I will take part.

‘I think the pressure of playing for Brazil is the same as it is for Chelsea. In both situations there are lots of expectations on you. You are expected to do well and win games. Maybe for Brazil it is greater because there is a whole country behind you, wanting you to do well. That’s the way it is.’

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