Pat Nevin has rated former team-mate Kerry Dixon and Didier Drogba as the two dream strikers to play alongside in a Chelsea shirt.

Taking part in a Twitter Q&A, the former Chelsea winger and current website columnist spent time responding to fans’ queries, and gave an interesting insight into his life as a Blue and since.

Steven Magill asked which strikers he would choose to play alongside, and Nevin responded: ‘I played with Kerry. I played with Kenny Dalglish, John Aldridge, but I don’t think you can beat Didier. Kerry did what I wanted him to do, he was lightning, good in the air and ran into space. He always made the right runs.

‘I’m not sure they would have been a good partnership though, because Didier is better as a lone striker, finding his own space.’

An outstanding talent on the Chelsea wing, Nevin believes he could have made more of an impact if he was playing today, but admits he would struggle with the levels of fame footballers now experience.

‘For the first time since I stopped playing I think it would have suited me now,’ he said. ‘Players who are skilful and have vision are no longer peripheral, they are central. Silva, Oscar, Mata. There are a lot of them. Barcelona are the template. Even at the time I thought my generation of football was Neanderthal, but now it is perfect. This is my golden era.

‘I was anti-style, anti-fame, anti-celebrity and I’ve not really changed. I was just a bloke playing football.

‘You could get on a bus to the game and not be hassled. You’d be chatted to, but it’s hard to imagine with mobile phones and everything you could do that now. I used to walk home from games most of the time.’

The ex-Scotland international was asked by @blaizey44 if he would change anything about his career.

‘That penalty I had against Man City… I don’t know,’ he responded, discussing a softly hit spot-kick that can be viewed here.

‘The manager fined me for laughing afterwards. We were 4-1 up with a minute to go. I thought it was funny. I’d scored 20 out of 20 the day before against Eddie Niedzwiecki, but it wasn’t muddy the day before. It was a bad penalty. But I never missed an important penalty.

‘I had a chance to sign for Galatasaray and Paris St Germain, but you make these calls. I’d have liked to have tried playing abroad, but such is life. Maybe I’d have left Everton a year before I did.’

Nevin also explained he never went into coaching because he values his family time too much, that David Luiz and Juan Mata are his favourite current Blues, and that a goal playing for Clyde was the best he ever scored, not that anybody will recall it.

‘Sadly nobody ever saw it,’ he told @wearechelseafc. ‘I beat about eight men, stopped it on the goal-line and passed it into the net. I was showing off to a manager who had come to see me play. I looked up to see his reaction and he’d already gone.’

There was also a question from former team-mate Graeme Le Saux, who asked whether Pat would honour an IOU for some goulash from 1988.

‘I owe him a dinner and it won’t be Hungarian. It will be somewhere cheap,’ he joked.

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