Financial Fair Play regulations are changing the football landscape from the time Jose Mourinho was previously Chelsea manager. He has been discussing the subject and what he considers to be the benchmark for success.

The implementation period for UEFA’s FFP regulations began two years ago with club accounts since then subject to assessment. Those wishing to participate in European club competition cannot make big losses when outgoings are measured against revenue from football activities, with similar criteria to be applied to the Premier League as well. It is altering approaches to the transfer market.

‘It’s very motivational and demands more from you,’ notes Mourinho.

‘You have to think more about every decision and every move. Every wrong move you make has an influence on the future. You need to work more closely with the board in the financial area, you have to have a different perspective and a different look at the players on loan and youth football.

‘It’s more global. Instead of just focusing on your team, and your targets and ambitions, it’s an overall view. It’s a different profile of job and I’m happy with that, I’m enjoying that.’

When it comes to what he expects to be able to achieve in his second spell at Chelsea, Mourinho believes that achievement follows naturally when the fundamentals are as good as they can be.

‘I’m not worried about a definition of success, I’m worried about high quality work in every area I can influence,’ he explains.

‘That is the basis for success and a good definition of success. There was one Chelsea manager, Luiz Felipe Scolari, who when he came to Chelsea, he was saying he never saw a club with such organisation in the analysis department, he never saw a group of players with such a working ethic. That was a year after me and I was saying to myself and my assistants that he never mentioned my name, but it was a big compliment because it was my working ethic, my department of analysis and preparation. It was [match analyst] James Melbourne who came to me when he was a young kid and now he’s the head of that department.That’s my work, that’s success.’

Mourinho highlights returning to comfortable qualification for the Champions League every season as one of the most important immediate targets, with Chelsea having left it late to achieve that in the last two seasons.

‘We need to go back to this stability,’ he says. ‘It’s important for the players, for the young players’ development, for the club, for the fan base and for the economic situation which is more important with Financial Fair Play.

‘This is what we want, me as a manager, the owner and the board. The owner and the board want stability and then after that if we are working well and working together, success comes naturally.

‘Everybody accepts the way we are going. I’m not trying to push in a different way. We are all in the same direction.’

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