Professional footballers have spent the majority of their lives focused on mastering their art but, away from the beautiful game, which other sports do they take an interest in?

The official Chelsea website continues to survey the squad to get a brief insight into their other sporting passions…

David Luiz

‘I really enjoy surfing, although I can no longer do it because of the injury risks involved. I started to get into it when I played for Vitoria, but I was only able to do it for around a year.

‘Judo is another sport that I was very good at when I was younger. I started when I was five and carried on doing it until the age of 14. That’s when football began to get very serious for me so unfortunately I had to give it up, but I still like watching both sports.’

Surfing is an extremely popular sport in Brazil, with southern areas of the country the best place to catch big waves from April to September, while northern parts are best visited between November and March.

The current world number one, Adriano De Souza (pictured below), hails from Brazil, while another Brazilian, Filipe Toledo, is also in the world’s top 10.


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