Following Wednesday’s win against Singha All-Stars in Bangkok, Jose Mourinho spoke about a bid made by Chelsea to sign Wayne Rooney.

The Chelsea manager confirmed that a written offer to Manchester United for the transfer of the striker had been made but that no other players are part of the offer.

‘Chelsea is interested in this player, made a bid and what we did we did officially,’ Mourinho said.

‘Now we have nothing more to say, we want the player, we made the bid and now it is up to Man United.

‘We don’t want to make public the bid but it is just a certain amount of money and it doesn’t involve players or players in the possibility of negotiation. No Juan Mata, no David Luiz.’

Mourinho added that he did not know Man United’s response to the bid.

‘Now I keep trying to improve my players and we will see what happens.

‘From me no more comments with respect to Man United, my colleague David Moyes and my players.

‘I trust my players and I am happy with them and in this bid I want to be respectful.’

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