In the second of a new series for the 2013/14 campaign, Oscar pairs six subjects into the categories first, last, best, worst, easiest and hardest…


Music. My early memory and one of my favourites is Every Breath You Take by Sting and The Police. I have the tattoo of some of the lyrics around my arm, which is in memory of my father who passed away.


Opponent. Aston Villa were a very difficult team to play against but we won which was the most important thing. They played in a fairly defensive style which made things difficult for us, so it was even more pleasing to achieve the win. Against Manchester United, we knew they would be one of the strongest teams and it proved that way, so one point away from our home is a good result.


Training. The swimming pool! No, it is when we have the ball, similar to a game situation. I like any session which is lively and in which we can joke around and have a light-hearted side to it as well.


Holiday. They were in 2011 and 2012 in Brazil, when I simply didn’t have holidays! That’s because the national team were playing and so I was with the squad and not on holiday.


Game. I remember when I was 15, we had a school championship match. We won 20-0. How many did I score? Eight.


TV. It is called Revenge, and is from America. I am watching it at the moment, I have no idea what is going to happen and it’s difficult to follow the story itself, so this is probably the hardest thing I have had to watch!

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