Samuel Eto’o completed his transfer to Chelsea on Thursday afternoon, and quickly sat down with the official club website to discuss the move.

The three-time Champions League winner and four-time African Player of the Year is looking forward to getting started in west London…

Welcome to Chelsea, what are your first impressions of being here?

I am very happy to be here but also anxious because I want to get playing as soon as possible.

It wasn’t a hard decision. I saw the qualities Chelsea have, and I was very happy with Jose Mourinho before, so when the opportunity came, I was very happy to take it.

Have you spoken to the manager, and what did he say to you?

I’ve spoken to him quite a few times, but what was said is confidential!

Have you always been keen on a move to England, after playing in other top leagues?

I’ve had a couple of opportunities to come to England before, including the first time Jose was here, but it didn’t work out for one reason or another. Since that time, I have had a career where I have been lucky enough to win a lot of trophies in different countries, but one of my last dreams as a professional is to come and play in England and see if I can have the same success as in my previous clubs. I don’t see it as a final challenge, but to have a good time, enjoy my football, and have success with this team.

Can you see it lasting beyond one year if both sides are happy?

This is the thing that least preoccupies me. It’s something to talk about later, both sides need to be happy but importantly the club needs to be happy with me before they even ask my opinion on that.

You have a fantastic goalscoring record. What can fans expect from seeing you at Stamford Bridge?

The first thing I need to do is adapt myself as quickly as possible to the team. I want to try and enjoy the football as much as possible and I feel if I am doing that, everybody watching will enjoy watching me.

You’ve played at Stamford Bridge before for both Barcelona and Inter…

They were always games between two big clubs. They didn’t always finish well, but the most important thing is they were spectacular games every time. The atmosphere was incredible, the fans didn’t stop shouting, and coming from Spain, where it is not always like that, it was a big surprise.

What can you tell us about your experience in Russia, particularly working with Guus Hiddink and Willian?

Both playing there and working with Hiddink were some of the best experiences of my long career. If I had to relive it again I would gladly do it again no problem, and I think Willian he is one of the best players in modern football.

Today is the Champions League draw. As a multiple winner, you must be excited at that?

No. It doesn’t matter what teams you are drawn against, big or small, you have to give them the correct level of respect to achieve the right results.

Not many players have won the Champions League playing for three different teams. Is that an incentive?

I was also with Madrid when they won it, so maybe it could be four, if maybe we can do it with Chelsea. To win is the biggest reason for getting up tomorrow morning. I want to win and win.

And finally, you’re the latest in a long line of high-profile African players at Chelsea. How much would you like to emulate the achievements of those who have gone before you?

I know all of them. It’s a great honour first of all to know African players have represented the continent so well here, and thanks to their good work previously and now, it is perhaps a reason why Jose thought he could bring me here and have similar success.

You can hear more from Samuel Eto’o on Chelsea TV’s Blues News from 6.30pm.

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