Following on from Juan Mata and Oscar, Fernando Torres is the latest  to match six subjects into the categories first, last, best, worst, easiest and hardest…


I remember my first day at university when I tried to study. I was studying business and economics in Madrid. I was already in the first team at Atletico so a lot of people were surprised to see me there. It was an enjoyable experience; I used to finish training, go straight to university and then arrive home late, so after the first six months I had to finish. It was too difficult to combine football and studying but it was a nice time, there was a good atmosphere between all the students and I made some good friends who I’m still in contact with now.


Film. The last film I saw was Up in the Air with George Clooney. I watched it on the plane when we were flying to Prague for the Super Cup and it was quite interesting. It’s about a guy who is employed by a company to go and fire people. He spends most of his life on a plane, he has a wife and children but when he is away he is completely alone. I would recommend it.


Memory. My best memory as a footballer is when Spain won our second European Championships (in 2012) because it was our third major trophy in a row. It was great for so many reasons; because of the win, to make history with my country, to score in my second successive European Championship final, to give an assist to Juan [Mata], so it was a great feeling. At the moment it’s the best record for a national team.

Torres and Mata after Euro 2012 Final


Jealousy. The worst thing in the world is jealousy, you should be happy for people in life when they do well and hit targets instead of being jealous. There is jealousy in football but that’s just one example, it happens in all walks of life. I remember when I was only 10 and parents of other children would start shouting because their kid was on the bench and not playing. It’s something I try to avoid when educating my children.


Rising. The easiest thing for me now is to wake up every morning. It used to be difficult for me when I was younger but now I like to wake my children up, prepare their breakfast and get them ready for school. When I was young I used to wake up as late as I could, have a nap in the afternoon, which is very Spanish, and then go to bed early. It used to be very difficult for me but now I like it when the alarm goes off and I can go and wake my kids up.


Losing. The hardest thing in football is losing a final. With time, you realise it’s an achievement just to be in a final but it’s hard to go all the way through group stages and qualifying campaigns and then lose in the last game, especially when you’ve worked so hard to get there. Having to watch the celebrations of the other with the cup is tough. When you look back you understand that to finish as runner-up is okay but at the time it’s very bad. I’ve lost in two Super Cups with Chelsea, the Club World Cup and the Confederations Cup with Spain, and it’s hard.

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