Mark Schwarzer is the latest player to put six subjects into the categories first, last, best, worst, easiest and hardest….

It was playing for Dynamo Dresden in the Bundesliga at home against Eintracht Frankfurt, we ended up drawing 1-1. We were leading 1-0 until late in the game but then we had a player sent off and they scored. I played pretty well so I was pleased with my performance but obviously disappointed with the result.

I go to Spain [pictured below] every year, my wife is half Spanish and we’ve been going there for 15 years. My kids see it as their second home but also I love going back to Australia when I get the chance, that’s always very special.

Spanish beach

I would have to say Arsenal when they had players such as [Thierry] Henry, [Dennis] Bergkamp, [Robert] Pires and [Marc] Overmars. They also had such a good defence with the likes of Tony Adams and [Martin] Keown, as well as David Seaman in goal. Ray Parlour was also in that side and I played with him later on at Middlesbrough. They had a phenomenal team and there were players like Kanu on the bench who would also come on and weave his magic, so that’s probably the best side I’ve played against.

Definitely full-on rave music, that’s certainly not my thing.

TV. The easiest thing for me to watch on TV is Modern Family. We’re always a bit late catching on to these things but that’s what we’re enjoying most at the moment.

Any training session that involves running is probably the least enjoyable for me personally.

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