Petr Cech is the next player to face the selector, where members of the first team squad are tasked with putting six subjects into the categories first, last, best, worst, easiest and hardest.

Game. I played my first professional game for Blšany. I was 17 and I played away to Sparta Prague. They had 11 people on the pitch who were all internationals and everybody expected us to get trashed. In the end we lost only 3-1 and I played really well. This is something I will always remember.

One of our recent opponents was Manchester City. It was a game everybody looked forward to because they are one of the main rivals. It was a massive win.

It’s the one the day after a game because you have the recovery session and you make sure you get the fatigue out of your system. It’s the only training day you can say is an easy one!


There are some heavy metal bands which are just absolutely crazy, with some of the guys really hitting notes and going crazy. There have some groups where you can hardly hear anything else but shouting and drums.

The best holidays are always when I’m alone with the family. There are no people around, you are with just your wife, your kids, your close family. You get to have six or seven days in a row with nobody else, no training, no duties. As long as you go to a place where it’s warm and you have sea, that’s fine. I like going to Spain because it’s very close and there’s a European mentality as well.

The worst TV for me are series. I hate them. In the past you had things like Dallas (pictured below) that went on and on and it’s really not my thing.

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