Pat Nevin, our former winger and now a columnist for the official Chelsea website, as well as a regular pundit on Chelsea TV, sat down with Jose Mourinho for an in-depth discussion that will be broadcast on Chelsea TV in two parts.

The first part, which will be premiered on the club’s official channel at 6.30pm on Christmas Day, sees Jose and Pat discuss the increasingly competitive nature of the Premier League and how both the competition and the club have changed since he was last in England. The topic of festive football was also raised, with Mourinho explaining why he values playing football at Christmas time so much.

‘It’s an enjoyable period if you think about in the right way, which is to think that you are giving to the people and to the families what they want,’ he said.

‘They probably want theatre, they probably want cinema, and they want football for sure. This country is special in that sense.’

Then, on New Year’s Day at 6.30pm, Pat asks Jose to explain his tactical thinking during a game and make his predictions for the World Cup in Brazil next summer. Mourinho’s own playing days also crop up, with our manager recalling his strengths when he was on the pitch, and not just to the side of it.

‘My best quality, as a bad player, was to coach! I understood the game, the positions and what was best for my team. I was more a coach in my team than a player.

‘Now, I enjoy every type of player, and in my job I am so lucky because I have had so many brilliant guys in different aspects of the game.’

Both shows will be repeated throughout the Christmas and New Year period.

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