Answering fans’ questions this week, Oscar revealed he is ready and looking forward to the visit of Manchester United on Sunday afternoon.

Supporters were invited to tweet their questions to our young Brazilian, and first up was one from @MuhdIrsyadudin who asked how he felt on his first day at Chelsea. Oscar smiled and explained: ‘It was my dream to play in Europe, I was very happy to be here. It was quite emotional meeting everyone for the first time.’

Fulfilling the usual club initiation ritual in his early days here, where new players have to sing in front of the squad, his chosen verse was one by Brazilian artist Michel Telo. Now, however, he ‘feels very settled. I really enjoy playing for Chelsea and being in London,’ he answered to one question.

When not on the football pitch, ‘I spend a lot of time with my family. My friends often come to visit, and we go sightseeing and to restaurants.’

When @Sud26JT asked how the English classes are going, Oscar replied: ‘I like learning English, but haven’t had much time for classes recently because of training and all the games we’ve had. I want to get back into my lessons though.

Having hosted the Confederations Cup over the summer, an experience Oscar recalled as ‘a great time. I really enjoyed seeing the crowds and hearing the national anthem,’ next up of course for Brazil will be hosting the World Cup this summer. He is already excited and ‘can’t wait for it to start! It’ll be hard, but I want to win it for the whole country.’

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