Demba Ba is the latest player to put six subjects into the categories first, last, best, worst, easiest and hardest…

Holiday. I go back to Senegal quite often and it’s so nice there. I get to spend time with my family and I go to the beach in Dakar as well.



Music. The worst music in my opinion is rock music. It’s too much for me, too loud. Any time that I hear it I want to turn it off!

TV. I love watching cartoons with my kids. That’s the best way to relax. My daughter likes Dora the Explorer and my sons love Tom and Jerry (below).



Training. Pre-season training is the hardest, though it’s not so bad now. Today it’s more based around the football whereas back in the day it was just running, and that was really tough.

Opponent. My first opponent in a Chelsea shirt was Southampton, and of course it was a really special day because I scored twice and we won 5-1. That was great.

Demba Ba celebrates against Southampton


Game. That was Tottenham. It was a great feeling to score the two goals. It’s been a while and it’s always a pleasure to score. I never give up; I always give everything when I play even if it’s for 10 or 20 minutes, or in training. It was a reward for that.

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