Jose Mourinho felt while there was no guarantee we would win Saturday’s game against Aston Villa prior to the dismissal of Willian, we certainly didn’t look like losing.

The Blues suffered a first Barclays Premier League defeat since December on an evening at Villa Park when Ramires also saw red late on and Mourinho himself was ordered off.

Fabian Delph’s goal, which came 13 minutes after Willian had been shown a second yellow card, won it for the hosts, but Mourinho felt we had looked strong defensively for much of the contest.

‘It was a difficult match against a difficult opponent,’ he said. ‘It wasn’t a fantastic performance but it was a good, solid performance, the kind of performance where you feel you might win or not, but you wouldn’t lose.’

While there could be few complaints about the red card shown to Ramires by referee Chris Foy, there were other decisions which can be considered to have gone against us. Mourinho believes the general standard of refereeing in England is high.

‘I keep saying the same thing, there are lots of great referees in England. There is a great philosophy with being a ref, communication with the players, communication with the bench,’ he explained.

‘Mistakes are part of the job, even when you speak about a mistake that’s crucial for the result, one penalty, one big decision. When it happens that way I feel very comfortable to say the ref was good, one mistake against me, one mistake in my favour. I don’t want to say one single word [about Foy’s performance] because if I say one I will say 1000 and I will be accused of bringing the game into disrepute.’

The Blues boss is awaiting an explanation for his own sending off.

‘I was angry but calm,’ said Mourinho. ‘I was completely in control of my emotions, that’s why I refused to comment, because I’m completely aware that I will be accused of bringing the game into disrepute.

‘Donations are anonymous and I would prefer to give them to people who need the money. Me and my wife are very proud and we do this anonymously, we give it to children. I don’t want to throw money away because I can’t control my emotions and my words.

‘My philosophy is that I never care who the referee is, I don’t want to know and if for some reason I know the referee is Mr Anthony or Mr John, okay. I always look at the referee in a positive way but during the week the players were speaking about the situation and I think the next time we have Mr Foy I will have to work with my team in a different way.’

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