Eden Hazard was a guest on Friday Night Live last night and discussed subjects ranging from tomorrow’s game with Liverpool to the best footballer in his family.

The Belgian was joined on the Chelsea TV sofa by Nemanja Matic, with the pair answering fans’ calls and facing off in a keenly contested game of table football, eventually won by the Serbian despite some suspect rule-making from our flying winger.

Hazard began the show by providing an update on his injury situation, saying he felt good as he continues to recover from the calf problem he sustained in the win over PSG earlier this month. He will be hopeful of being back in action in time for what could be a thrilling climax to the season.

‘Every game we need to win if we want to be champions or if we want to win the Champions League,’ said Hazard. ‘Every game is a final for the team.

‘Liverpool have played very well this season. They score a lot of goals. I have a friend there, Mamadou Sakho, and my Belgium teammate Simon Mignolet too. It will be difficult.’

The 23-year-old was also asked by presenter Gigi Salmon for his reaction to being nominated for both the PFA Player of the Year award and the PFA Young Player of the Year award.

‘It feels very good because I am with people like Suarez and Yaya Toure who are very good players.

‘It’s good for me but without the team I am nothing. I just want to say thank you to my teammates for this season. I’m happy to play for Chelsea and I hope I can win titles with this club.’

Hazard revealed during the show he has no pre-match rituals and prefers to joke around in the dressing room in the build-up to kick-off. That approach has clearly worked because he has struck 17 goals in his second season at Stamford Bridge, with five of those coming from the penalty spot. He talked viewers through his ice-cool approach from 12 yards.

‘I keep my eyes on the goalkeeper and I wait until the last moment and if he goes to the right or the left I shoot to the other side.

‘I used to practice close to my house with my brother. We would shoot, shoot, shoot free-kicks and sometimes penalties.’

The eldest of four brothers, Hazard didn’t specify which one he practiced free-kicks and penalties with in his youth but he did provide some detail on his footballing family.

‘There are four brothers. There’s me, Eden Hazard, 23. After is Thorgan, who is 21. Then it’s Kylian who is 19 and Ethan who is 11. They all play football.

‘Who is the best? My mum! She was a player. Everybody plays football in our home.’

The Hazard clan will be cheering on Eden at this summer’s World Cup and one supporter phoned the show to ask how he thought his nation would get on in Brazil.

‘We have a young team in Belgium and if we get to the quarter-final or the semi-final it will be good. It’s amazing for the country because it’s been 12 years without a World Cup and now we have a chance to play this World Cup.

‘It’s really exciting for the country and for the fans as well. We want to play a good World Cup for them.’

– A clip from the show can be viewed above with more highlights available now via the channel’s online access.

There will be words from Nemanja Matic’s appearance Friday Night Live on the official Chelsea website tomorrow.

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