Mourinho: New stadium is the next step for Chelsea

The Blues manager says that upping their capacity is a must to continue growth and backs supporters to make whatever temporary ground they occupy feel like home

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho says that a new stadium is “the next step” for the club.

The Blues’ current home at Stamford Bridge can seat 41,798 fans, making it only the eighth largest ground in the Premier League, disproportionate to the team’s success in the Roman Abramovich era.

Earlier this summer, Chelsea invited supporters to look at an exhibition of plans for a new build and, though an upgrade would necessitate them playing at a different ground for up to three seasons, Mourinho says that it is an important decision for them to take.

“I’ve taken charge of 98 matches on my bench in Stamford Bridge and hope to have more,” the Portuguese told reporters.

“I know the club needs to make the next step and that is a new Stamford Bridge, more seats.

“At a certain point of our lives as a club, we will have to leave, which is a bad thing but, if we need to play at another stadium, we will try to make it our new home while we wait.”

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