Mourinho mocks Wenger's winless record against him: Pulis is harder to beat!

The Chelsea manager says he has had more struggles against the current West Brom boss, and suggested he would have found a solution to the Frenchman’s woeful record by now

Chelsea manager Jose Mourinho has taken another swipe at Arsene Wenger, taunting the Frenchman’s winless run against him and implying that he has a greater rivalry with Tony Pulis.

Arsenal manager Wenger has failed to beat Mourinho in 13 previous meetings, and will face off against his arch-nemesis once again on Sunday in the Community Shield.

But ahead of the clash at Wembley, Mourinho has again mocked the Frenchman’s record, citing Pulis as his most dangerous rival and insisting that he would have found a solution to end Arsenal’s winless streak by now.

“I think I lost twice against Tony Pulis,” said Mourinho. “I lost against Crystal Palace and against West Brom. One game each.”

On the subject of the Gunners’ poor form against Chelsea, Mourinho expanded: “I think I would ask myself why. I would to try to answer but not because of a mental block but because I would want to try to find solutions to help my team to do it.

“This yes, try to find different way, try to find the reasons why it goes all the time against my team, but just that.

“I don’t think about what happened before, I just think about the game. So, for me, six, seven, eight or nine matches without losing makes no difference and I don’t think affects this game.

“And the next one for me there is no relation between one game and what happened before.”

Despite his repeated digs at Wenger, Mourinho insists that the Gunners are title challengers this season, and says that the Community Shield is more than just a friendly.

“I always think Arsenal are title challengers. They have a very good squad, so in this second period in England, immediately when I arrived two years ago, I look at them as a very good squad, with very good players,” he stated.

“So I think it’s more of the same. They are a top squad. I think they are still the same. Which means strong. A very good team.

“But it’s not a friendly. It’s not the same to win in the Summer Cup in Canada or in Singapore or wherever, it’s not the same as to win the Community Shield. But I don’t think it has a relation to the rest of the season.”

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