Chelsea paid £87m by the Premier League this season

New figures including TV and prize money released on Tuesday show that just one club broke over the nine-figure sum, while 1.6 billion was issued to all 20 clubs in total.

Arsenal were the only club to receive more than £100m in Premier League payments for the 2015/16 season, according to the new figures released.

The Gunners pipped fierce rivals Tottenham to second on the last day of the campaign, which played a key role in them creeping over the nine-figure mark to receive a total fee of £100,952,257 from the top flight.

Data combining several payment categories including overseas TV and prize money revealed that champions Leicester City were awarded the fifth highest overall amount at £93,219,258.

Manchester City received the second biggest amount from the Premier League, with Manchester United and Tottenham rounding off the top five.

Liverpool were issued the highest amount of money from outside the top four, raking in £90,506,139, whereas relegated Aston Villa brought in the lowest at £66,622,215.

Every club received the same fee from the equal share, overseas TV and central commerical categories, with the difference between them the clubs being made in the facility fees and merit payment brackets.

Arsenal received £21,496,762, the highest amount, in facility fees, with 10th-placed Chelsea earning the fifth most with £17,757,152.

Leicester received the biggest merit prize amount following their remarkable title triumph, earning £24,848,100 from the Premier League.

Chelsea Nike Deal weights £60m a year, which is the second most expensive kit deal after Man. UTD. Let’s hope good players will come this summer from all these incomes.


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