Ex-Chelsea Star Robben Reveals the Impact Legendary Blues Duo Have Had on His Career

?Arjen Robben has offered an insight into the impact that Jose Mourinho and John Terry had on his playing career during the trio’s time together at Chelsea.

The veteran forward penned a lengthy letter to his 16-year-old self as part of the Player’s Tribune’s ?’Letter to My Younger Self’ series, and the candid post is full of plenty of eye opening moments from the Bayern Munich superstar’s professional career.

Chief among his comments in the letter was the time he spent in the Premier League with Chelsea and, mentioning his former manager Mourinho, Robben explained how he considered the Portuguese legend to be a “perfect match” for him during his younger years.

UEFA Champions League: Chelsea v FC Porto

He wrote: “You’ll have to prove yourself all over again once you get there (Chelsea). And prove yourself to José every single week to stay in the lineup.

“Look, a lot has been said about José. He’s a strong personality, he’s demanding. But ever since you started playing, you’ve been just as demanding of yourself. 

“In a way, it’ll almost seem like a perfect match. He wants to see your very best, each and every day on the pitch. And all you’ll want to give is your best. Whether in training, or in a match.”

The 33-year-old, who has been unfortunately plagued by a succession of injuries throughout his career, also paid tribute to Blues legend Terry for the manner with which he taught Robben a thing or two as a player and club captain.

Robben stated that he didn’t expect to learn much from an “English centre-back”, but was left bowled over by what he did pick up from the now Aston Villa man during his spell at Stamford Bridge.

He added: “A lot of the guys who have been at the club for a while will look out for you, but there will be no one more important — not only for you, but for everyone — than John Terry.

Chelsea's John Terry (C) celebrates with

“What can a Dutch winger learn from an English center back? Everything.

“The most important thing though, is what it takes to be a captain and a leader at a club. He’ll be someone you can talk to, whether about football or anything else. He’ll be someone who gives advice, who encourages you. 

“Learn as much from him as you can. How he gives everything for the club. How he gives everything for the team — from the first to the last minute. Out there, he’s taking care of every team member. And he does the same off the pitch as well.

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“I’m not sure you’ll know it then, just how much John influenced you. So really take in those moments with him. You won’t play with anyone quite like him again.”


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