Chelsea Legend Frank Lampard Identifies One Player His Former Club Should Sign at All Costs

Any news regarding Chelsea and transfers right now will likely prove a source of frustration for Blues supporters. But they’re going to be churned out every day, up until the close of the transfer window.

The Premier League winners have been slow to act this summer, having missed out on targets such as Romelu Lukaku and Danilo. But club legend Frank Lampard believes that the period would be deemed a success if the Blues sign this one player.


?“If you are looking around for a centre-back, Van Dijk is probably the best there is out there at the moment with Premier League experience and Chelsea should try and get him,” the former England international told ?Yahoo Sport.

“I was watching some video clips of him a few weeks back and when you study him, he is a class act. He is powerful in the air, comfortable on the ball, he can command a defence…he has it all. John Terry had that presence in the Chelsea defence for a long time and it is hard to find players like that, but Van Dijk has something about him.

Norwich City v Southampton - The Emirates FA Cup Third Round

“It is not just Chelsea who will want him, it is all the top clubs in the Premier League. He has style and class about him, a physical presence, he is a top player.

“It is often the out and out striker who scores the goals and the dominant centre-half that are the two big positions in a team and they are hard to get. It means you have to pay over the odds for them because they are not easy to find.

“He would work for any team in the Premier League. The money being spoken about for him may be high, but we have to accept that the game has gone this way and the figures being talked about now are crazy.

“What seemed crazy figures last summer, don’t look crazy now and I just don’t know how much longer the Premier League can go on like this, but you have to pay these prices to get players right now.”




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