Conte Takes Dig at Mourinho After Snubbing Handshake & Claiming Respect Is Earned on the Pitch

?Chelsea boss Antonio Conte clear had a point to make after watching his side beat Manchester United 1-0 at Stamford Bridge on Sunday, completely ignoring Jose Mourinho following the blast of the whistle.

The Italian, who has been involved in a mini-feud with the former Blues boss this season, left his counterpart waiting in vain as he rushed to the middle of the pitch to celebrate his side’s win with his players, with his assistants taking up handshake duties while he congratulated the Blues squad, pumping his fists in the air.

The managers shook hands before kick-off with no problems, but Conte refused to acknowledge Mourinho’s presence from that point on, even cutting out eye contact as he barked out 90 minutes of instructions.

Alvaro Morata won the game for the home team with a brilliant header, condemning the Red Devils to their second loss of the season. And Conte simply couldn’t wait for the full-time whistle to sound off, as he immediately took off on his wild celebrations.

Speaking after the match, Mourinho confirmed that he did not share a handshake with Conte, but did manage to catch up with his backroom staff.

“No he disappeared,” said Mourinho when asked if he had shaken Conte’s hand (H/T ?Metro). “So I shook with his assistants which for me is basically the same.”

Conte, meanwhile, was quite unapologetic, labelling his snub as unimportant.

“It’s not important,” he said. “You have to earn respect on the pitch, not outside of it.”

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Well this should certainly add some spark to the growing feud between the two bosses – as you can be sure Mourinho, who must be brooding over the loss, will have something to say about Conte’s comments.


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