Batshuayi Denies He’s About to Become EPL’s 1st Openly Gay Player in Typical Comical Fashion

?When you dare to have a pop at the Premier League’s Twitter King, you do so at your own risk, as well as your mother’s.

And that was the case with a certain Chelsea fan Twitter account on Thursday after a tweet – claiming that Michy Batshuayi was about to come out and become the Premier League’s first openly gay player – was posted two days prior.

“Michy Batshuayi set to become the first openly gay footballer in the premier league after coming out to teammates,” read the tweet from what has now been established as a very unreliable source going by the handle @TheChelseaDaily.

Well, Batshuayi took some time before getting wind of said tweet, but when he did, the response was indeed hilarious; as hilarious as we have come to expect from the Blues forward. And you can have a look below.

The Twitter user has since confirmed that he/she was misinformed, apologising to Batshuayi while letting the Belgian know that he/she is usually reliable.

But then, this happens to be the same account that recently made claims of Antonio Conte racially abusing a member of the Chelsea squad.


??… only to backtrack later on in similar fashion.

Thankfully, no mother-related ripostes were needed for that one to be cleared up.


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