Express Yourself! 5 Hair Changes at Chelsea That Were More Shocking Than Defeat to Crystal Palace

Ask Paul Pogba and he’ll tell you that hair is very, very important. Ask Pep Guardiola, and you might not get an answer.

Whether it’s important or not is probably a generational thing, but one thing’s for sure: the changes are always noticeable. Antonio Conte found out as much when he walked into his Friday press conference sporting a freshly grown beard.

In light of the Italian’s new facial hair, here’s a list of five such changes at Chelsea that possibly left us a bit surprised…

5. Willian’s Cornrows

Willian has been rocking a fro ever since he joined the Blues from Anzhi Makhachkala in 2013, so it did come as a big surprise when he lowered the trademark top for a novel style.

The Brazilian was outed by Eden Hazard before actually taking to the pitch against Manchester United back in March, with the Belgian showing off his bud’s fresh cornrows in a Twitter selfie.

4. Jose Mourinho’s Buzz Cut

Three years ago, Jose Mourinho shocked a few after going for a soldier’s trim while in charge at Chelsea. 

The now Manchester United boss also revealed that he actually cut his hair himself, using one of his players’ clippers.

“I did it myself,” he said during a press conference. “I asked Fernando to give me his machine and I did it myself in front of the mirror. It is nice and it is cheap. In a couple of months I will have hair again. Some people can’t do it.” He just can’t help himself from having a dig at Pep…

3. David Luiz Tames the Frizz

David Luiz’s bouncy frizz has been part of his personality ever since he introduced himself to the Chelsea fans. 

But playing against Burnley at Turf Moor last season, it took fans a while to realise that Antonio Conte’s team sheet wasn’t bearing his name in error and the guy wearing the long ponytail was actually their beloved Mr. Luiz.

2. Bakayoko’s Dyes

Tiemoue Bakayoko seems to share Pogba’s love of dynamic hairstyles.

The former Monaco man, who joined the Blues over the summer, promised fans he would dye his hair blue after he scored his first Chelsea goal. And he made good on it after scoring in the Londoners’ 6-0 demolition of Qarabag in the Champions League. Prior to that though, he had it in white.

“I don’t go completely over the top, but sometimes I find it brings me good luck,” he said. “Since the Man City game I put some white in my hair. As soon as I score a goal I will change the colour of my hair. Possibly to blue.”

1. Antonio Conte’s New Beard

So back to Antonio Conte and his new beard.

Apparently, the Blues boss is simply trying to make his wife happy, having forced her to live in a very cold part of the world with him this year.

“My wife said, just try, try for once, to stick with the beard,” he explained to curious reporters. “We can see tomorrow if this beard brings luck or not. This is the first time I try to change my look, but only because of the decision of my wife.”


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