All Change! 6 Players Who Should Switch Position to Aid Their Team & Careers

With every position on a football pitch, certain skills or abilities become more important. Over the years, we’ve seen several players change their position on the field only to boost their careers.

For some players, that change may be yet to come.

Here’s a list of six players that could or even should switch positions for the sake of their team, or their own careers.

1. David Luiz – Central Midfielder

David Luiz has been trailed as a defensive midfielder before, but since returning from PSG at the start of last season, he’s been predominantly used as a centre back. 

But it still stands that Luiz very much has the talent to play further up the pitch. His passing accuracy in all competitions this season stands at an impressive 88%. It’s also no secret that the Brazilian has an eye for scoring some spectacular goals.

The only reason he probably won’t move further up the pitch at the moment is that NGolo Kante and Tiémoué Bakayoko are playing so well at the moment…

2. Ruben Loftus-Cheek – Striker

This lad seems to be going from strength to strength, but much like the previous entry on this list, he’s a lot better going forward than he is on the back foot.

With Palace’s striking options limited (and just one Christian Benteke injury away from being striker-less again) Loftus-Cheek playing as a second striker could be a viable option.

He’s tall, strong and very willing to press forward when on the ball. All attributes that make a great forward.

He doesn’t have to be the sole striker, but he’d be a much appreciated partner with Benteke.

3. Peter Crouch – Goalkeeper

You might think that Crouchy is on this list just because he’s tall, but bear with us. 

Crouch has often spoken about his younger years and how he could’ve taken a different path and become a professional tennis player instead, meaning he’s obviously good with his hands as well as his feet.

Added with the fact that not even Andrea Pirlo could chip him, it could be a surprise way to elongate his already impressive career.

4. Danny Ings – Winger

Danny Ings is very much Liverpool’s forgotten man. Leaving Burnley in 2015 to join the Reds, he’s not sunk down the pecking order and suffered some nasty injuries along the way.

He’s only made one appearance this season, as a substitute against Leicester in the Carabao Cup.

But if he were to shift wide, he may be able to kick-start his career once again.

He has the speed for it and, while he’s not going to shift Mohamed Salah or Sadio Mane out of the Liverpool lineup any time soon, at any other team he could be very valuable.

A move to West Brom, Crystal Palace or a return to first-club Bournemouth could let him show the Premier League just how good he is.

5. Manuel Neuer – Sweeper

Currently out with a broken finger, Manuel Neuer is currently being replaced by Sven Ulreich between the sticks at Bayern.

Should manager Jupp Heynckes deem Ulreich too good to demote then maybe the man currently held as the new Oliver Kahn could emulate another German hero? 

Playing sweeper, Neuer could take on the teachings of Franz Beckenbauer, arguably one of the greatest sweepers the game has ever seen. 

Neuer loves coming out of the box, maybe he should just stay there?

6. Mohamed Salah – Striker

Salah is currently being compared to former Liverpool striker Luis Suarez in terms of his goalscoring talent.

But Salah has played pretty much his entire career as a wide man. Suarez briefly switched to the wing once Daniel Sturridge arrived at Liverpool, and still played well enough to warrant a move to Barcelona.

It is definitely possible for someone of Salah’s talent to emulate Suarez and potentially do the same. 

Maybe if Klopp sorted Liverpool’s defence out, Salah could help them win the league.


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