Chelsea Manager Antonio Conte Attributes Composure on Touchline to Yoga

?Chelsea coach Antonio Conte has dedicated his newfound calmness on the touchline to taking up the exercise of yoga.

Since arriving from Juventus, the Italian has been renowned for his exuberant gesturing on the touchline.


After last season’s Premier League triumph, ?Chelsea have somewhat regressed as the influx of Champions League matches looks to have dampened performances.

Conte has reportedly lost touch with some Chelsea players due to his challenging training sessions, but admits the congested fixture list is demanding for himself, also.

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“I think I am well-trained for this, but to play every three days is a big effort, not only for my players, but also for me,” said the coach as quoted by ?The Guardian.

“Maybe in the future when I become older then I start to be more calm, and try to sit during the game.”


The 48-year-old is thankful Chelsea have a trainer specialised in the arts of relaxation: “This is good. Personally, I like it and am very interested in yoga. I like to read books about these topics.”

Juergen Klopp has also attracted admiration and criticism for his noticeable displays, where the German typically leaps into the air, while Conte dives into the crowd, on occasion.

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Although he had no reason to stress ?after the resounding win over Stoke, Conte’s stress levels will likely be tested in the Blues’ demanding fixture schedule.


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