Club Youth Star Trevoh Chalobah Reveals Chelsea Loanees Have Own FIFA Pro Clubs Team

?Chelsea have long been criticised for their rather peculiar loan policy, which sees them snap up some of the best youth talent out there only for them to be shipped out elsewhere temporarily. 

You would think being separated from one another for seasons at a time would potentially cause fractured relationships within the camp when they reassemble as one come the end of a term. 

However, one way in which the rather ridiculous amount of loanees continue to socialise is via FIFA on the PlayStation, as according to Trevoh Chalobah’s, brother of now-Watford’s Nathaniel, Instagram story, the stockpiled future stars have their very own rather hilariously named Pro Clubs team; Chelsea Loan FC. 

The 18-year-old’s upload, via ?@toccomotion on Twitter, depicts himself, and loan pairing Tammy Abraham and Josimar Quintero waiting to find an opponent for their next online contest. 

The quite literally star-studded side currently reside in division three,but maybe most strange are the players’ preferred positions of choice on the game. 

Understandably, current Rostov 20-year-old Quintero holds his natural real-life role of midfielder, but quite surprisingly alongside him in the centre of the park is temporary Swansea City forward Abraham. 

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Maybe with his lack of goals in the real world this season, the England international decided finding the net was not for him. 

Chelsea currently have 32 players out on loan, with that number expected to rise to at least 33 over January, with youth centre-back Jake Clarke-Salter to join Championship bottom club Sunderland on Monday until the end of the season. 


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