Rearranged Premier League Fixture Issues Enrage Chelsea, Newcastle and Tottenham Fans on Twitter

The Premier League is experiencing fixture issues for the remaining two months of the season, with many sides not knowing when particular games are going to be played. 

Due to the FA Cup quarter finals ties last weekend, only eight teams played in the league: Liverpool, Watford, Huddersfield, Crystal Palace, West Brom, Stoke and Everton. 

The clubs that were affected will have their league games rearranged for later dates, but the Premier League are yet to announce many of these matches. 

The fixtures they have not yet announced, via ?, include West Ham against Manchester United, Swansea against Southampton?, Leicester hosting Arsenal, Huddersfield’s trip to Chelsea, Tottenham’s game against Newcastle, and Manchester City versus Brighton. 

Huddersfield Town v Crystal Palace - Premier League

On top of this, some of the rearranged fixtures have been considered harsh, such as Newcastle’s midweek trip to London for their game against Spurs. 

This would be a nightmare for the Magpies supporters, with travel being extremely difficult at that sort of time. Although this is not fully confirmed, it does not look good for the organisers of these fixtures.

These fixture issues have left fans enraged with the organisation, taking to Twitter to voice their anger and labelling the situation as disgraceful.

Some are just worried about their fantasy teams:


Others have more important issues, such as travel:??

??Generally supporters just want their team’s fixtures to be announced: 




??Some fans even went as far to say that the Premier League do not care about travelling supporters at all, instead focusing on TV numbers than actual attendances:

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