Chelsea Owner Roman Abramovich Suffers $543m Loss in a Day Amid Ongoing Russia Tensions

?The Roman Abramovich Chelsea era has lurched back into potential crisis mode thanks to the team’s performances on the pitch this term.

The reigning Premier League champions are almost certain to miss out on Champions League qualification this season – the Blues lie fifth with just five games to go – and have had to deal with consistent speculation about Antonio Conte’s future at Stamford Bridge for myriad reasons.

With a period of success having seemingly come and gone again, it’s the turn of failure for Abramovich and company in west London and, if a recent tweet emanating from his Russian homeland is anything to go by, things have just gotten a ton worse for the oligarch.

You may be wondering why Abramovich has just lost out on half a billion dollars in a single 24-hour period. Well, it’s all down to sanctions that the United States has just imposed on 50 of Russia’s most wealthy businessmen.

The financial hits come as part of the US backing the UK’s stance over the alleged poisoning of agent Sergei Skripal in Salisbury last month.

With Abramovich being one of the highest earning individuals of Russian origin, it’s no surprise to see him sent reeling by America’s sanctions. What is fairly shocking though is just how much cash he has just lost out on.

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Coupled with accusations that Russia meddled in the 2016 Presidential election – a vote that saw Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton to the White House vacancy – and relations between Russia and the West haven’t been this bad since the Cold War.

We imagine Abramovich won’t be going to the US for a holiday or business trip anytime soon anyway.

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