Chelsea Owner Abramovich Denies Allegations of Money-Laundering & Contact With Criminals

Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich will look to file criminal complaints against those responsible for leaking confidential information which surrounded the businessman being denied residency in Switzerland two years ago, according to lawyer Daniel Glasl.

The Swiss federal police advised the immigration team to reject the application as Abramovich was seen to be ‘a threat to public security and the country’s reputation’ due to allegations of money laundering and having contacts with criminal organisations, according to Tamedia.


But Glasl vehemently denies his client has ever been involved in illegal activity, insisting that they will be “filing a criminal complaint” against whoever leaked the information.

We are extremely disappointed by the release and publication of confidential information from Swiss government files regarding Mr Abramovich, which occurred in clear violation of Swiss criminal law and Swiss data protection laws,” Glasl said in a statement to ESPN.

“We have filed a request for correction of facts to the Swiss Federal Police and will be filing a criminal complaint against unknown persons responsible for dissemination of this confidential information.

“Any suggestion that Mr Abramovich has been involved in money-laundering or has contacts with criminal organisations is entirely false.”

The Chelsea owner had problems with his visa in the UK earlier this year and was denied access back into the country. These issues have reportedly convinced the Israeli-Russian businessman to sell the club.

Chelsea v Sunderland - Premier League

Recently it has been suggested that Abramovich is looking to recoup £3bn on the club if he sells, meaning that there are only a select few who could match his valuation and even fewer who would be willing to.


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