Chelsea Coach Marco Ianni Charged With Improper Conduct by FA Over Jose Mourinho Provocation

?Chelsea coach Marco Ianni has been charged by the FA with alleged improper conduct following his team’s 96th minute equaliser against Manchester United at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

United boss Jose Mourinho, who angrily reacted to the second of Ianni’s jibes as the Chelsea coach ran past him to celebrate the goal, has not been charged over the incident.

Mourinho attempted to confront Ianni, sparking a scuffle in the technical area and tunnel area that was defused by stewards, players and coaching staff from both teams.

Chelsea manager Maurizio Sarri was heavily involved, apologising to Mourinho on behalf of Ianni and later sending Ianni to Mourinho to apologise himself. Mourinho later commented that he had accepted the apology and was happy to declare the matter over.

It was brought up again at Mourinho’s press conference ahead of his team’s Champions League clash with Juventus this week, prompting a response from the United boss that praised Sarri for his intervention and defended Ianni against potential punishment.

“I want to thank Sarri for his honesty. I want to thank Chelsea for its honesty too…I don’t think [Ianni] deserves more than what he got,” Mourinho explained, via

“He apologised to me, I accept his apology. I think he deserves a second chance, I don’t think he deserves to be sacked. I don’t think he deserves anything more than the fact that his club was strong with him and he went through a situation that in the end he recognised he was wrong.

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“I hope they let the kid go on. I hope that everybody does the same as I did, which is not to disturb the career of a young guy which probably is a great guy, a coach with great potential and I’m not happy with any more than that. End of story.

“In the minute he apologised to me, but I would really like the boy not to go through more than that. Let him work – everybody makes mistakes, I made lots of mistakes.”


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