(American) Twitter Goes into Meltdown as Christian Pulisic Is Benched for Chelsea AGAIN

When you look at Chelsea’s most recent expenditures, it’s probably for the best that the Blues were slapped with a transfer ban over the summer. 

Frank Lampard has been forced into utilising the west London club’s vast and talented academy, and supporters have been left pleasantly surprised by recent performances and results. 

Chelsea sit fifth in the Premier League, and after an inexplicable opening-day defeat to ?Manchester United, Lampard’s kids are starting to show some great promise. 


That is, except for the Blues’ final purchase, Christian Pulisic. When the American winger arrived in the ?Premier League for almost £60m, expectations were high. 

Safe to say, we’re still waiting to see what the boy can do. 

Pulisic is in such a wretched run of form that he even burst into tears on the USMNT bench following his substitution in midweek, and once again he finds himself out of Lampard’s starting XI. 

Whilst most rational football fans can see the logic behind the ?Chelsea boss’ thinking, others (mainly Americans) simply can’t fathom why an out-of-form and beleaguered player can’t get a game for his club side. 

American twitter went into meltdown. 

Some of us even questioned if Lampard carries out a superstition of licking footballs before the game…I think that’s what he meant anyway. 

Other supporters were so irate that they forgot how to spell correctly. 



Rather than the common idea that ‘they’re just not very good,’ we went in search of further conspiracies beyond racism. 

Now I don’t speak French, but I saw the word nudes and guessed it was a blackmail joke. Work it out for yourselves. 

Fortunately though, some of us were able to draw some positives from a completely rational and logical situation, and I salute you all. I could only find one, in fairness. 

You can’t please all of the people all of the time however, and Frank would be better off avoiding Twitter when he puts his Chelsea lineups out in the future. 



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