Premier League: Third Brighton Player Tests Positive, £4m Testing Plan & Broadcasters Want Dressing Room Access

The Premier League will consider offering Sky Sports and BT Sport access to dressing rooms for the remainder of the season, in an attempt to make up for the loss of matches which broadcasters have been able to show this season.

Football across Europe has been on hold for two months as countries battle the coronavirus outbreak, but with the Bundesliga just one week away from resuming, the Premier League have now stepped up their efforts to prepare for when they’re given the green light by the authorities.

One of the biggest hurdles the Premier League faces will be with broadcasters, as teams throughout the league heavily rely on television income.

But the Daily Mail reports one way the Premier League is looking to keep a good relationship with broadcasters is to offer unprecedented access for the remainder of the season, which would include access to dressing rooms and half time interviews.

The broadcasters themselves are facing major problems ahead of the return of the Premier League. As games for the foreseeable future will be held behind closed doors, the Sun reports there will be additional pressure to censor any bad language which would be heard on pitch-side microphones.

As far as challenges on the pitch go, the Premier League are looking to follow the Bundesliga’s example by utilising coronavirus nasal testing to help maintain player safety, which the Telegraph claims would cost close to £4m to implement.

Another measure which has been suggested would be to hold games at neutral venues, but the Mirror reports that’s something which would face a lot of competition from six teams who are fighting against relegation this season.

Norwich, Watford, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, West Ham and Brighton are all opposed to hosting matches away from their home stadium, but it’s suggested they would be prepared to change their stance if the Premier League scraps relegation this season.

“Everyone’s acting in their own best interest,” a high-ranking official at one of the clubs told the Mirror. “But sacrificing the benefits of home advantage is a non-negotiable for those threatened with relegation.”

A third Brighton player has also tested positive for coronavirus and will now self-isolate for two weeks.

As reported by BBC Sport, the unnamed Seagulls player was tested on Saturday ahead of the Premier League’s next meeting regarding ‘Project Restart’ on Monday. All Brighton players have been training individually and the club has confirmed this will continue.


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