The Best Pictures & Videos as Premier League Clubs Return to Training


After what feels like an eternity lost in the football-less wilderness, teams have finally started making their return to ‘small-group training’, and we could hardly be more excited.

To make the occasion even better, players were blessed with the English sunshine which usually only lasts around 15 minutes, so it looks like everyone’s having a good time right now.

When you’re stuck in groups of no more than five and restricted to purely non-contact drills, there’s only so much you can do really, so some players have had to create some fun of their own.

Take Willy Caballero, for example. The Argentine celebrated the news of his contract extension at Chelsea by juggling while balancing on two footballs – something we all tried as kids and then inevitably limped away crying from.

Or Andy Robertson, who has clearly forgotten what being outside actually feels like after months locked up inside.

Speaking of being locked inside, players have obviously been kept away from their precious hairdressers, and that makes for some entertaining viewing.

You can check out the best of all the bonkers barnets here, but we need to pay special attention to a few players’ new looks.

We’ve seen pictures on N’Golo Kanté shaving his head when he’s already bald, so to see him with any hair at all is the stuff of nightmares.

However, we’ve then got Sadio Mané, who probably needs a haircut sooner rather than later…

That’s not even the weirdest part of this emergence from lockdown. Can anyone explain why José Mourinho has a bike now?

He’s been whizzing around the training ground looking for players to scold for no reason. Nobody is safe.

At the end of the day, it looks like players are all just happy to be back doing what they love. They’re out in the sunshine with some of their best mates, and that’s what we all want to be doing right now.

Jealous? Us? Well, maybe a little bit.

Amid all the fun, there are still plenty of rules to follow. Social distancing is still in order, so players can’t come too close to each other just yet.

Be like Mohamed Salah, who pulled out a last-minute swerve to ensure he stays in his own bubble.

It looks like everyone’s happy, right? Well, maybe not everybody.

Spare a thought for Florian Lejeune, who looks like he’s had probably the worst birthday of all time.

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